Port Columbus International Airport (CMH)

Address: 4600 International Gtwy
Phone: (614) 239-4000
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 196482


  • Mashable

    Thanks to reader Gretchen Schneider for adding this to our list of airports with free wi-fi. Lots of outlets for gadget charging too!
  • Stefan Holodnick

    Probably the best airport for mobile devices I've been to. Most of the seating in each terminal has electrical outlets to charge your phone or laptop.
  • Kimberly Knight

    I appreciate the free wi-fi.
  • Michael Kent

    This is an "International" Airport in the same way that Hawaiian Punch is "Hawaiian."
  • dana ?

    People who hump the baggage carousel should be put in a time out
  • Brian Jones

    Free wifi! Hell yea!!
  • Ben Alter

    Not the busiest of places, you're probably cool getting in with less than an hour before departure
  • Amy

    skip the Starbucks. get here early enough to have a java at cup o Joe before going thru security. locally roasted, brewed and owned. support local business
  • Steve Griffith

    Try the bumpy landing, It's excellent here.
  • ?? weinks ??

    Great customer service at the Delta check-in.
  • Russ "Magnum"

    Nothing like a pilot with a mustache...
  • Trisha Jackson

    Make life easier at the airport! While in line, take your outerwear off, electronics out of your bag, and untie or take off shoes.
  • Todd Mayberry

    Free WiFi!
  • Lewis Howes

    One of the easiest airports to go through. Now Head to the short north for Jenis Ice cream :). Yum.
  • Michael Kent

    The A Terminal @SouthwestAir never enforces the "FlyBy" security lane for A-Listers, but there's hardly ever a line. Small airport, usually arrival 60 mins before flight is enough.
  • Jeremy Bargar

    Get there early or stay late - there's free wifi airport-wide
  • Cheryl Harrison

    Tweet me if you're in town and need to know what's hot in town :) @cherylharrison
  • Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

    Jeni's vending machines in Concourse A, B and C. Single serves and ice cream sandwiches! (Credit card only, no cash.)
  • Tony DiSanza

    Blue lot shuttle not so bad
  • For 91 Days

    This airport is awesome, almost every seat got a charging station (including USB) and the airport has free wifi. Why can't every airport be on the same level?
  • Konklusion4told

    Free Wi-fi praise the Lord! Also plenty of electrical outlets.
  • daisy ?

    thrifty even does your dry cleaning when your out!
  • HealthWarehouse

    Head to MoJoe Lounge for the best locally roasted coffee in town (from Stauf's). Great drink specials too!
  • Tommy Young

    Epic Fail for the removal of Wendys!!!!!
  • Aubre Andrus LLC

    Free wi-fi at this airport. Hooray!
  • Penn Franklin

    Free wifi at this place! The best thing left n the 614, maybe!
  • Paddy ????

    If you live in Columbus use Thrifty!
  • Sheldon McNeil

    Take your time getting there. Very relaxed airport
  • Rob C

    Free wifi. *very* quick to get baggage to baggage claim. Nothing about this airport I don't like.
  • Scott T

    Ample power outlets and desks with outlets are a tech lover's dream. Free wifi doesn't require registration and works well. Luggage claim takes a long time compared to other airports.
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