Polaris Fashion Place

Address: 1500 Polaris Pkwy
Phone: (614) 846-1500
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Category: Mall
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  • Amanda Vogt

    I love this mall! It's one of my favorites! And a little known fact? The mall is so big that if you walk around the mall twice you will have walked a mile!
  • Heidi M.

    Check out Sephora for awesome makeup!
  • Lora Schaeffer

    Top shopping in Columbus only 5 minutes from home
  • Sam Kinkel

    Love Polaris! Great food, great shopping. (Stop by Auntie Annies btw, its great!)
  • Nathan Burda

    Couldn't find a bathroom to save my life! Walked around for a half hour! Almost pissed my pants!
  • Bethany axe

    go to the new cheesecake factory! try a big salad and then a big slice of cake!
  • Scott Ferguson

    Starbucks and the Apple store at east end. Best combo ever.
  • Erin

    Watch out for the "natural nails" sales stand on the first floor. Those European sales guys will chase you down and try to touch you even if you're practically running away.
  • Ada Milby

    Miracle eyebrows is awesome. Great work every time!
  • Denise Lawson

    They got SAKS!!!
  • Jennifer Schmidt

    The nicest bathrooms are in Von Maur.
  • Cindy C

    Park near sears. Not many people park there.
  • Tonya

    A must for soulless capitalist swine!
  • Brian Spence

    Cool Apple Store here. :)
  • Chris Epler

    Insufficient bench seating throughout the mall, just plopped my butt on the floor instead.
  • Andy Dunn

    Don't go here if you want to do lots of walking. Your legs will hurt.
  • Scott Hanes

    Try the stores!
  • Drew Kaplan

    The Columbus Zoo Court is a nice place to let your kids play
  • Christina Stallings

    Park at Saks if possible. Usually able to get a decent spot.
  • Sarah Hyatt

    So superior to Easton. Super helpful staff.
  • Scott Records

    Check out Clear while your here!
  • Justin J

    Here's a tip: avoid this mall.
  • Aliye Akol

    Awesome mall...Stop at Charlotte Russe and Forever XXI.
  • Martin Poston

    Stay on the tile... it appears the kiosk people can't step on it. I think it sets off a 4000-volt shock to their transmitter chip or something.
  • Travis Miller

    Much better then easton
  • Sam

    The bookstore and resteraunt square is a must see.
  • Brian Hart

    Great place to go for a long walk when you can't bear the heat or cold outside. Or when you need some way of not going insane while your wife shops for 3 hours.
  • Sara King

    Taking the kiddos to see Mr. Clause :)
  • Susan Luis

    This would be equivalent to valleyfair in San Jose, CA!
  • Jimbi Price

    I love it fo sho!
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