Easton Town Center

Address: 160 Easton Town Ctr
Phone: (614) 416-7000
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Category: Mall
Check Ins: 67886


  • DJ Lance

    Columbus was recently named #5 of the top 10 places to shop in the country by Yahoo. Easton is a major reason for that. Now if we could just get a damn IKEA!
  • Matt Cattrell

    Avoid this place on the weekends like the plague....
  • Amanda Vogt

    Easton Town Center is one of the biggest and best shopping centers in all of central Ohio. With both an indoor mall and open air shopping, Easton is filled with stores and restaurants of all kinds.
  • Justin Stephen

    Check out the tree. It's glorious!
  • Raymond Weaver

    Fado Irish Pub is the best spot in this entire centre!!!
  • Jennifer

    Shopping for clothes!
  • Matthew Dyer

    The wi-fi is a wi-don't.
  • Austin Schafer

    A great place to people watch, shop, eat, and for entertainment. Especially beautiful during the holiday season.
  • Julie

    North Star is now open at Easton!
  • Amy Shropshire

    So much to see and do here. Plan on it being an entire day trip!
  • Tiffany Washko

    Something for everyone!
  • Carol Merry

    Holiday lighting Friday at 6 pm
  • Magenta Sunset

    Don't get shot!
  • John Lawler

    Park at the top level of the garage and you can usually park right by the doors and not mess with the people trying to find a spot right when they get in the garage.
  • Jeffrey Prescott

    Download the Easton app on your iPhone. It's free and awesome!!
  • Pete Shumate

    This place Is getting boring...
  • Jennifer Ward

    H&m opens next week, high fashion and affordable! Whosaaaaaaaaas!!
  • John Sullivan

    Don't come here on the weekend. Seriously, don't. It's crowded and ugly.
  • Donna Payne

    I *LOVE* Cafe Istanbul - the Mousakka is heavenly. Turkish coffee with real cream and Baklava. Mmmmm. Delicious!
  • Caren Petersen

    Can't miss Anthropologie (the best shopping anywhere); L'Occitaine; Origins; and Williams Sonoma
  • Jeff Besecker

    Stop by The Swanky Adobe and check out their funky selection of vintage and reclaimed home furnishings.
  • Don Hornsby

    Enjoyed a walk around Easton with the family. Make sure to check out the samples at Annie's Pretzels.
  • Kim Sikora

    Go to the bathrooms just for the dyson hands dryers
  • Mike Frame

    Stop by Bon Vie, best out door dining around!
  • Data Quinn

    Does ANYONE know how to drive up in this joint???? Make an executive decision and follow through, jeez
  • Joey P

    Eat at the Melting Pot, Yum!
  • Diane D

    A beautiful outdoor and indoor shopping complex that has a Cheesecake Factory there and many upscale shops and other restaurants. Starbucks too.
  • James Moore

    Walking at Easton is so boring! Prancercise instead! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-50GjySwew&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  • Christopher Billingsley

    Bring your vest!
  • Konklusion4told

    Love the new Aldo store!
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