Nationwide Arena

Address: 200 W Nationwide Blvd
Phone: (614) 246-2000
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    This stadium was built in 2000 & is home to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Some fans who frequent the arena claim to see paranormal activity here because the land used to be occupied by a prison.
  • NHL

    Fanatic Fact: Team officials named the franchise the Blue Jackets: celebrating patriotism, pride and the rich Civil War history in the state of Ohio.
  • ESPN

    One of the highest scoring games of Tournament history happened here in 2007 when Tennessee and Long Beach St. accumulated 207 points. Not bad for an arena best known for its hockey team.
  • Glenn Barker

    Great place to watch a Blue Jackets game!
  • Tom Householder

    Be ready to hear the cannon fire! GO JACKETS!
  • easyColumbus

    Take your student id for $15/$25 studen tickets. Check out the Rush CBJ website for availability!
  • LA Kings

    We affectionately refer to this city as 'Lumbus, rather that the full Columbus.
  • Matt Cattrell

    Save your pennies, go see a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert!
  • Maxine Bringenberg

    Check out the Columbus Blue Jackets this season!!
  • James Wiles

    If you're at the CBJ game, be sure to grab some Skyline chili cheese fries! They're messy, but AWESOME!
  • Bill Litfin

    Squint and you might see a hockey team on the ice.
  • Discover Ohio

    Get great deals on tickets to see Ohio's only NHL team, the Columbus Blue Jackets!
  • National Post

    Will Rick Nash hit 40 goals this season in Columbus? Check into Posted Sport's full NHL coverage at the link:

  • J Hamlin

    Skyline chili cheese fries are the best dollar value food at this venue.
  • JR

    go see the Blue Jackets!
  • Betsy Trachsel

    Not a bad seat in the house. Go Jackets!
  • Matt G

    Check out Arch City Army in 227 the Blue Jackets' supporters group.
  • Kim Dawson

    blue jackets games are such a blast when the seats are good!
  • Len ???

    Go Blue Flames!! I love the Blues!!
  • JB Faby

    That's a really nice arena, too bad the hockey team is to say the least not that good, this arena deserve a better team, but it will be home of the 2013 NHL All Star Game.
  • J Hamlin

    Skyline chili cheese fries are best dollar value food in arena
  • Travis

    Excellent venue for CBJ hockey.
  • Alexis Browne

    If you in the mood for Skyline, the chili cheese fries are the better deal. For the same price as two cheese coneys you and someone else can eat from them and be full.
  • John $\(^o^)/$

    Great friends meet here!
  • Erin Feilen

    One minute left to play... And Detroit still sucks!
  • Amy Adams

    If you have floor seats there is no need to climb the stairs to hit the restrooms as there are restrooms on the floor level!!
  • David Esrati

    Cheese filled bread sticks suck. Skyline chilling cheese fries are $3 more and WAY better
  • Josh Drauch

    Go Pens. Dec 4th. Do It.
  • Andrew Appelhans

    Skate on the ice at the same time as sydney "cry baby" crosby
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